Trump’s fake Twitter army grows by 2.4 million ‘egg accounts’
More than half of Trump's 5.5 million new followers are fake or inactive.
Uber is teaming up with Walmart for grocery deliveries
Tampa, Phoenix, Dallas, and Orlando residents can check it out.
You can now pay for a Vegas lap dance with Bitcoin
Dancers will also have QR codes tattooed on their bodies.
Netflix to debut new standup from Jerry Seinfeld in September
'Jerry Before Seinfeld' will explore his comedy roots.
Amy Schumer renegotiated pay after seeing what Chappelle, Rock got from Netflix
It's yet another example of the pay gap in Hollywood.
Taylor Swift returns to social media with another ominous clue
Swift shares a second, longer clip of what is almost certainly a snake at this point.
Verizon will throttle video streaming on all unlimited data plans
No more 4K or 1080p resolution video streaming on a phone.
‘Cupboard boy’ Julian Assange gets roasted on Twitter, again
Assange is missing a sense of humor online.