Obama reportedly zings Trump by bragging about Obamacare
Little support has been shown for the Republican's failed proposed alternative to Obamacare.
Trump just appointed anti-abortion leader to top Health and Human Services position
Charmaine Yoest is known as the 'public enemy no. 1' of abortion rights organizations.
Nintendo announces the 2DS XL
It'll be released in July.
Jimmy John’s cashier couldn’t care less that a robber pointed a gun in his face
Who knew Jimmy John's cashiers had this kind of fortitude?
United Airlines reaches settlement with doctor violently removed from plane
Videos capturing the situation caused widespread outrage.
Most millennials disapprove of Trump’s performance, poll shows
About 40 percent of millennials would give Trump an 'F' on his first 100 days.
GOP bill would expel Wisconsin students for disrupting campus speeches
The bill is an effort to address free speech on campus.
We can’t get enough of Jeff Goldblum’s food truck
The iconic actor took to the streets of Sydney to serve strangers.
Robert De Niro is better than you at Snapchat
This is De Niro's greatest performance since 'Casino.'
This pic of Beyoncé placing an order is now a meme
She has serious questions about the menu.
Breastfeeding mom shuts down hater in the best way
People somehow still don't understand that boobs are functional.
Here are the top Google searches during Trump’s first 100 days
You can probably guess what the top search term is.
Bill Cosby can’t wait to get back to comedy
The comedian is going on trial for sexual assault, but he just wants to get back onstage.
How do you care for a baby Groot? Chris Pratt calls a pet shop to find out
'Can you tell me some information please, about a certain exotic pet?'